Experienced Power Systems Distribution Training

E-Worx utilizes advanced e-learning technology that takes professional training conveniently out of the classroom. Employees are able to access their training online and from any location with a WiFi signal. Employees can study and train during times that work best for them, wherever that may be.

E-Worx takes pride in providing employers with the opportunity to offer their employees a power generation learning module platform that works around their busy schedule and allows them to work at their own unique pace.



Plain and simple: life is busy.

Incorporating training on top of what is often already a busy and sometimes stressful regular schedule can be daunting. E-Worx provides a convenient solution for your power distribution training by taking it online. When utilizing an e-learning system, employees have the opportunity to learn from anywhere and at any time. They can learn during:

  • Free time before work
  • Free time after work
  • Spare time on the weekend
  • Long waiting periods (doctor’s office, auto repair shop)
  • Extra time on days off

Being able to complete sessions when it fits their schedule best can relieve stress and allow more quality time to learn and train.



Employees have the ability to log on from anywhere to complete their training online. The e-learning platform is secure and E-Worx ensures complete protection and security with all training programs. For many employees, accessibility is key. This allows training to take place at their own pace and schedule around work, family and other commitments.

Employers are able to provide their employees with power generation training without added travel costs. This saves both employees and employers time and money. Employees are able to conveniently complete training for work around their everyday lives without the added stress of being absent. Prolonged absence due to training requirements and travel tends to be stressful for everyone involved. E-Worx provides an effective solution that benefits all.


Self-Paced Learning Modules

The E-Worx power distribution online learning modules allow individuals to work at their own pace. Employees can progress through the material at their own speed to ensure that they effectively collect and retain the required information. The courses are user-friendly, adaptable and accommodating to different learning styles.

The power distribution training modules have many benefits for self-paced learning. While working at their own speed, employees can pause, rewind and repeat their modules at any time. Having the ability to review the modules at any point can help to improve overall comprehension and retention. It also reduces stress of not being able to review certain modules once initially viewed. E-Worx knows and caters to all individuals who learn at their own unique pace.


Learn From the Experts

E-Worx provides professionals in the power generation sector with information directly from the experts. As employees learn, managers have the opportunity to follow along and track their progress. Managers can easily sign in and see which employees have taken certain assigned training and even assign specific modules. E-Worx generates regular progress reports to help managers and employees track process during the training.

To learn more about E-Worx or get started with E-Worx for your power generation training needs, contact E-Worx today.