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How can you tell if an overhead power line is strung correctly? What kind of abnormalities can occur in power circuits? What’s ferroresonance and what can be done to address it? What’s the optimal set up for a basic power distribution system?

E-Worx courses are designed to meet the education and training needs of people who work for or with power distribution companies. The content was created in partnership with Dr. Wallas Khella, Ph. D., P.Eng., SLMIEEE, FEIC, who, over the course of his career, has trained thousands of electrical engineers and industry professionals in virtually all aspects of power distribution systems design, maintenance and operation.

E-Worx courses work together to provide a comprehensive understanding of power distribution systems. However, to meet the needs of professionals who may be pressed for time or who need to learn or brush up on particular skills, the courses have been designed to work and deliver real value as stand-alone units.

E-Worx courses are also perfect for practicing engineers who need to meet their PEAK program continuing education requirements.

E-Worx Training Course Outline

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Sample Test Question
When there is a fault on a circuit with impedance, the initial increase
in current is:
  1. Symmetrical
  2. Asymmetrical
  3. Either one or the other
  4. There is no increase in current
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