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Grounding in Electrical Power Distribution Systems Course

Explores the complex topic of grounding, essential to any power system, not only to protect equipment but the public at large. An introductory module looks at why we ground, how abnormalities arise in power circuits, and how the human body tolerates electricity. We then examine typical grounding systems, grounding system components, and the design of ground grids.

Who should take it: Anyone who is new to power distribution and power systems engineering, or who needs to refresh their understanding of power distribution fundamentals.

Job Positions include: Field Technicians; Distribution Line Workers; Designers; Engineers; Utility Managers; Engineering Managers; System Engineers, Operations Managers; Safety Managers; Communication Line Workers; and Electric Utility Contractors

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Grounding in Electrical Power Distribution Systems Courses (GD Bundle)

GD Bundle consists of GD1, GD2, and GD3

Course Code: GDBundle

Runtime: EQ1 45 min, EQ2 45 min, and EQ3 95 min. (Total 185 Minutes)

Investment: $1045.00

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Introduction to Grounding of Power Distribution Systems

Why we do grounding, the sources of overvoltage in the distribution system, and the currents the human body can tolerate. We also touch on how software can assist with calculations.

Course Code: GD1

Runtime: 30 minutes

Investment: $220

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Analysis of Grounding Systems for Distribution Circuits

 The fundamentals of grounding systems: how fault current flows under different fault conditions, how to calculate fault current magnitude and how to design a ground grid to handle these currents. We review the selection of components and touch on ground grid maintenance.

Course Code: GD2

Prerequisite: GD1

Runtime: 45 minutes

Investment: $275

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Grounding System Components and Designs

 The grounding of system components such as substations, transformers and poles. We discuss special considerations and hazards and ground fault protection, then wrap up with a couple of case studies.

Course Code: GD3

Prerequisite: GD1 + GD2

Runtime: 95 minutes

Investment: $550

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