All Bundled Courses and Individual Courses over 45+ minutes are recognized and endorsed by OACETT Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Protection of Power Distribution Systems Course

Covers the complex topic of Power System Protection and Coordination. After an introductory overview, we look at short-circuit calculations, fuses, and the protection of distribution transformers, feeders and lines. Finally, we’ll look at substations, overvoltage protection and ferroresonance.

Who should take it: Anyone who is new to power distribution and power systems engineering, or who needs to refresh their understanding of power distribution fundamentals.

Job Positions include: Field Technicians; Distribution Line Workers; Designers; Engineers; Utility Managers; Engineering Managers; System Engineers, Operations Managers; Safety Managers; Communication Line Workers; and Electric Utility Contractors

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Introduction to Protection and Coordination of Distribution Circuits Course

 PC Bundle consists of PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4, PC5, PC6 and PC7.

Course Code: PCBundle

Runtime: PC1 45 min, PC2 45 min, PC3 45 min, PC4 30 min, PC5 40 min, PC6 20 MIN and PC7 35 min. (Total 260 minutes)

Investment: $1620.00

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Introduction to Protection and Coordination of Distribution Circuits Course

Surveys the types and characteristics of faults, and the equipment we protect. We’ll look at overcurrent protective devices, how to estimate the magnitude of fault currents and the asymmetrical and symmetrical components of fault current.

Course Code: PC1

Runtime: 45 minutes

Investment: $275

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Short Circuit Calculations Course

 We develop procedures for determining the magnitude of fault currents, using three methods, ohmic, per-unit, and percent, building a reference table summarizing the equations we develop.

Course Code: PC2

Prerequisite: PC1

Runtime: 45 minutes

Investment: $330

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Fuses for Distribution Circuits Course

 Building on the skills developed in the Short Circuit module, we consider the devices used to protect network components, including expulsion fuses, current-limiting fuses, power fuses and cable limiters.

Course Code: PC3

Prerequisite: PC1 and PC2

Runtime: 45 minutes

Investment: $330

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Protection for Distribution Transformers Course

Covers loading capabilities of transformers, withstand curves, fusing ratio and the need to limit fault energy. We also survey specialized equipment such as completely self-protected (CSP) transformers and pad-mounted units.

Course Code: PC4

Prerequisite: PC1, PC2 and PC3

Runtime: 30 minutes

Investment: $220

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Protection for Distribution Feeders and Lines Course

Examines the protection of main feeders emanating from the distribution station and the branches that feed local areas. We start with the fuses that protect lines outside the station and then go upstream to the relays that protect the main feeders at the station itself.

Course Code: PC5

Prerequisite: PC1, PC2. PC3, and PC4

Runtime: 40 minutes

Investment: $275

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Protection for Distribution Substation Transformers Course

We look at faults on distribution substation transformers and how they dictate protection settings, as well as how we deal with transformer inrush and pickup current. We show how to select a primary fuse to protect the station transformer and how to coordinate with upstream and downstream devices. Finally, we’ll look at the complete protection scheme for a real-world substation.

Course Code: PC6

Prerequisite: PC1 and PC5

Runtime: 20 minutes

Investment: $165

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Protection for Overvoltage and Ferroresonance in Distribution Circuits Course

The sources of overvoltage, lightning waves, and how we test equipment to withstand these conditions. We discuss two lightning arrester designs and review the various classes of arresters and their effect on our systems. We wrap up with a discussion of ferroresonance.

Course Code: PC7

Prerequisite: PC1

Runtime: 35 minutes

Investment: $275

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