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Application and Performance of Power Distribution Equipment Course

Provides a foundation for understanding and working with power distribution systems. We start with the science and engineering behind power systems and then examine in detail the components that make up a modern distribution network.

E-Worx core courses for professionals – PC | Protection of Power Distribution Systems, ST | Sags, Tensions and Guying of Distribution Poles and GD | Grounding in Electrical Power Distribution Systems – are specifically designed to provide practical, job-ready information and guidance to employees with frontline or managerial responsibilities working in the power distribution sector.

Who should take it: Anyone who is new to power distribution and power systems engineering, or who needs to refresh their understanding of power distribution fundamentals.

Job Positions include: Field Technicians; Distribution Line Workers; Designers; Engineers; Utility Managers; Engineering Managers; System Engineers, Operations Managers; Safety Managers; Communication Line Workers; and Electric Utility Contractors

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Application and Performance of Power Distribution Equipment (EQ Bundle)

   EQ Bundle consists of EQ1, EQ2, EQ3, EQ4, EQ5 and EQ6.

Course Code: EQBundle

Runtime: EQ1 30 min, EQ2 115 min, EQ3 90 min, EQ4 60 min, EQ5 85 min, and EQ6 30 min. (Total 410 Minutes / 6.83 Hours)

Investment: $2915.00

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Introduction to Power Distribution Systems

The basic alternating current circuit, the difference between single-phase and three-phase circuits, the components of impedance, Ohm’s Law, and symmetrical and asymmetrical currents. The module also provides an overview of a typical power distribution system and its components, and how power systems are represented schematically.

Course Code: EQ1

Runtime: 30 minutes

Investment: $275

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Overhead Distribution System

   Explores the overhead distribution system, covering poles, insulators, conductors, connectors, guying and clearances, providing a foundation for a more in-depth discussion in the Sags and Tensions course.

Course Code: EQ2

Prerequisite: EQ1

Runtime: 115 minutes

Investment: $715

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Underground Distribution System

   Covers the basics of the underground distribution system. Topics include design and construction requirements, duct and chamber systems, underground cables, concentric neutral wires, underground secondary cables, terminations and cable pulling calculations.

Course Code: EQ3

Prerequisite: EQ1

Runtime: 90 minutes

Investment: $660

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Distribution Transformers

   Looks at classes of transformers; temperature rise and cooling; characteristics; impedance, losses and efficiency; short-circuit capabilities; types of connections and installation considerations.

Course Code: EQ4

Prerequisite: EQ1

Runtime: 60 minutes

Investment: $440

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Distribution Substations

   Examines indoor and outdoor substations, including layouts, high- and low-voltage switchgear, and the differences between substation transformers and distribution transformers. We also look into current and voltage transformers and how they are used.

Course Code: EQ5

Prerequisite: EQ1

Runtime: 85 minutes

Investment: $605

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Underground Residential Distribution

The history and development of underground residential distribution (URD), and a review of design considerations, such as plant location and equipment types. We discuss how to size transformers and wires, methods of secondary cabling, and the reliability of underground systems.

Course Code: EQ6

Prerequisite: EQ1 + EQ3

Runtime: 30 minutes

Investment: $220

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