Why E-Worx Training?

First, because you can’t find this information anywhere else. At least not in one place, and that includes University and College programs. E-Worx is the only source of online training designed specifically for people who work with power distribution systems and Local Distribution Companies. Our content was created in partnership with the experts who set the industry standard.

Simply stated: E-Worx delivers more than 40 years’ worth of experience in several hours of engineering training.

Our five courses are modular. So, working together, they can provide a strong foundation for anyone – both technical and non-technical staff – in power distribution or power systems engineering. Start by learning the science and engineering behind power systems and then get into the details about the components that make up a modern distribution network.

And, because each course works as a stand-alone module, they are ideal for people – from eager apprentices to experienced engineers – who need to learn or refresh a skill set.

PEAK performance for engineers

The modular nature of E-Worx courses also means they’re great for practicing engineers in Ontario who need to meet the “continuing professional knowledge” requirements of the PEO’s Practice Evaluation and Knowledge (PEAK) program. Introduced in 2017, the PEAK program was created to ensure practicing engineers continually work toward maintaining and enhancing their core professional skills.

Who should take E-Worx training?

E-Worx training is valuable to anyone to who works for or with a power distribution company. Our courses can be easily integrated into a company’s on-boarding process, or become part of a standard learning and development program. E-Worx training is particularly suited to: Field Technicians; Distribution Line Workers; Designers; Engineers; Utility Managers; Engineering Managers; System Engineers, Operations Managers; Safety Managers; Communication Line Workers; and Electric Utility Contractors

Convenience – Access E-Worx from anywhere, 24/7 – all you need is a screen and the internet

With E-Worx, the computer – including laptop, tablet or smart phone in any combination – is your classroom. So, users can study anywhere, anytime and learn at any pace – and in a place – that’s right for them.


Clear and concise content delivery

Enhanced and updated graphics

User options for targeted training

Easier to absorb information delivered in smaller sessions

Train for the skills needed now

Convenient access to refresher training

No ``offsite`` costs or expenses

No need to schedule extended absences from regular assignments

Sample Test Question
When comparing a fuse TCC to a transformer withstand curve, the fuse:
  1. Minimum melt curve should fall to the right of the in-rush curve
  2. Minimum melt curve should fall to the left of the in-rush curve
  3. Minimum melt curve should fall to the right of the withstand curve
  4. None of the above
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How It Works

Employees can log on remotely and securely from anywhere and at any time – so it’s easy to schedule training around work and family commitments. Online access cuts travel time for employees, and travel costs for the company. It also means that employees don’t need to take extended absences from work to take courses.

With E-Worx self-paced Power Distribution Courses, people can work through the material at their own speed. Each course module can be paused and saved, rewound or repeated at any time for improved comprehension and retention. By accommodating different learning styles, E-Worx helps to improve learning outcomes.

Employer Dashboard

  • monitor your user’s activity with quick stats
  • manage users and their accounts
  • assign new training sessions
  • approve extension requests

User Access Dashboard

  • pause and save and repeat all available sessions
  • view their personal stats and progress
  • assign new training sessions

Certificate of Completion

After successfully completing any E-Worx course, participants receive an official Certificate of Completion. The certificate shows that the trainee has mastered the course content and concepts. It also confirms that a participant can apply the course toward meeting professional development goals, such as the PEO’s PEAK program.

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