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E-Worx takes a lifetime of on the job experience in every aspect of power systems operation and makes it available online. Whether you are a frontline technician, a utility engineer, or perhaps an administrator or other non-technical employee, E-Worx courses provide practical, real-life engineering and problem-solving skills.

They were designed to meet the needs of all staff at Local Distribution Companies and other power distribution companies, and are also widely used by staff at firms that work with and for power distribution companies.

Our courses were created in partnership with Dr. Wallas Khella , Ph.D., P. Eng., SLMIEEE, FEIC.  Dr. Khella has more than 40 years’ experience in the power distribution sector as both a senior manager and consultant. He is widely recognized for developing the power distribution industry’s gold standard training program.

In addition to delivering outstanding training and information, E-Worx uses state-of-the-art e-learning technology to make that content accessible through the Internet – anywhere, anytime and on any device or platform. This flexibility means that E-Worx courses can be easily integrated into the on-boarding process for new staff. They can also become a valuable component of both apprenticeship programs, and ongoing learning and development programs for more experienced employees.

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A Strong Foundation

for both technical and non-technical staff

E-Worx currently offers five Power Distribution Courses [link to Courses page (was Library)] Together they provide a solid foundation for those new to power distribution and are ideally suited for anyone considering or starting a career in power systems/utility engineering. The modules also work on a stand-alone basis, perfect for trainees who need to learn new skills and information or for senior staff who may need to refresh or upgrade specific skills. E-Worx training is also particularly useful for any practising engineers who are working to meet their PEAK requirements.

The full course starts with the science and engineering behind power systems and then examines in detail the components that make up a modern distribution network. Our Power System Fundamentals for Non-Technical Staff [link to Power System-Fundamentals for Non-Technical Staff Courses page] provides an invaluable and accessible introduction to industry basics.

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Clear and concise content delivery

Enhanced and updated graphics

User options for targeted training

Easier to absorb information delivered in smaller sessions

Train for the skills needed now

Convenient access to refresher training

No ``offsite`` costs or expenses

No need to schedule extended absences from regular assignments

Reduce Training Costs.

E-Worx is Canada Job Grant Eligible.

A cost-effective way to build the skills your business needs. The Canada Job Grant `{`link to Canada Job Grant page`}`, offers employers funds that can be used to cover up to two-thirds of the cost of training provided by eligible third-party trainers like E-Worx. Visit the Canada Job Grant website to learn more.

Reach your PEAK
with E-Worx

For licensed engineers in Ontario, E-Worx can provide easy, online access to courses that can be used toward meeting the ``continuing knowledge declaration,`` requirements of the PEO’s Practice Evaluation And Knowledge (PEAK) program.

PEAK Program

Our extensive library covers all five of the core engineering competencies related to power distribution, and our courses were created in partnership with Dr. Wallas Khella, P. Eng., SLMIEEE, FEIC. Dr. Khella is widely recognized for developing the industry's gold standard training program.

How it works

Employees can log on remotely and securely from anywhere and at any time – so it’s easy to schedule training around work and family commitments. Online access cuts travel time for employees, and travel costs for the company. It also means that employees don’t need to take extended absences from work to take courses.

With E-Worx self-paced Power Distribution Courses, people can work through the material at their own speed. Each course module can be paused and saved, rewound or repeated at any time for improved comprehension and retention. By accommodating different learning styles, E-Worx helps to improve learning outcomes.

Certificate of Completion

After successfully completing any E-Worx course, participants receive an official Certificate of Completion. The certificate shows that the trainee has mastered the course content and concepts. It also confirms that a participant can apply the course toward meeting professional development goals, such as the PEO’s PEAK program.

Employer Dashboard

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User Access Dashboard

  • pause and save and repeat all available sessions
  • view their personal stats and progress
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