PEO’s PEAK programs for Professional Engineers

Professional Engineers Ontario's Practice Evaluation and Knowledge Program

Introducing PEAK: A new and important part of your professional life

Every day, whether it’s turning on the lights, driving a car, getting on an elevator or one of a number of countless ways, people put their faith in engineers. That’s why earning and keeping the public’s confidence is so essential – for every practicing engineer and for the profession as a whole.

It’s what makes the PEAK so important.

On March 31, 2017, the Professional Engineers Ontario association is launching PEAK – Practice Evaluation and Knowledge – a new program that will have an ongoing impact on all practicing engineers in the province.

The program will help meet the growing public demand for accountability – both from professionals and regulatory bodies – by providing PEO with an accurate and up-to-date regulatory profile of its license holders.

What you need to know

After the PEAK program goes into effect on March 31, 2017, as a practicing engineer, you will be encouraged to take part in the program whenever you receive a license renewal notice.

Participation in the PEAK program is voluntary, and it is not needed to either renew or maintain a license, however, your participation – or lack of it – will be publicly noted on PEO’s online directory of practitioners.

The program consists of three elements:

  • An online practice evaluation questionnaire;
  • A continuing knowledge declaration; and
  • An online ethics module

The completion status of each element will be recorded for every license holder on the PEO’s online directory.

How E-Worx can help you reach your PEAK

As part of the “continuing knowledge declaration,” aspect of the PEAK program, professional engineers can design a knowledge plan that aligns with their area of practice and the available professional knowledge opportunities.

If you’re a licensed engineer working in any aspect of power distribution sector, E-Worx can provide you with easy, online access to the information you need to successfully complete your knowledge plan. Our
Our extensive library covers all five of the core engineering competencies, related to power distribution and our courses were created in partnership with Dr. Wallas Khella, P. Eng., SLMIEEE, FEIC. Dr. Khella is widely recognized for developing the power distribution industry’s gold standard training program.

E-Worx is the only source for online training specifically tailored to meet the needs of professionals working in the power distribution sector.

Our courses are designed to be flexible. You can study anywhere, anytime and learn at your own pace – all you need is access to a screen and an Internet connection.

To learn more about how E-Worx can help you meet your PEAK requirements, please contact or 289-982-7200 x305.

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