Sags and Tensions in an Overhead Distribution System Course (ST3)


We discuss sag, how it relates to tension and the factors that influence both. We then introduce formulas to calculate sags and tensions. The module also covers the vertical clearances required between conductors and other circuits, structures and rail lines. Finally, we address the effect of conductor swing on horizontal clearances.

Course Code: ST3

Prerequisite: Introduction to Sags, Tensions, and Guying for Distribution Circuits Course (ST1), and Forces and Loads in Overhead Distribution Systems Course (ST2)

Runtime: 35 minutes


Who should take it: Anyone who is new to power distribution and power systems engineering, or who needs to refresh their understanding of power distribution fundamentals.

Job Positions include: Field Technicians; Distribution Line Workers; Designers; Engineers; Utility Managers; Engineering Managers; System Engineers, Operations Managers; Safety Managers; Communication Line Workers; and Electric Utility Contractors

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